Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Cameron on Crime: When is a knee-jerk not a knee-jerk?

David Cameron has called for broad, "generational" change to tackle the "lawlessness" in some UK areas.

So far, so good.

Then you look at the suggestions which appear to have come forth from the Camster so far (with my comments in italicised parenthe..er..brackets):

-Curb violent video games (they already go through censorship and some have been banned)

-Urge parents to be more responsible (vague or what? Would a big stick be used?)

-Consult with the music industry (big deal and already happening)

-"Encourage marriage" through tax changes (cloud cuckoo land - as previously discussed)

-Give head teachers the final say in expelling pupils (not that simple as previously discussed)

-Put prisoners two to a cell (already happens - 2006 HMP Edinburgh report)

-Use prison ships (being put on stream anyway)

-Use disused army camps as prisons (A Sun favourite)

There is a Conservative document explaining all this here.

A lot of the suggestions are either vague, have already been announce by the Tories, or are being done to some extent by the current government.

However, the document is worth reading and considering.

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