Thursday, August 9, 2007

"LibDems 'biggest Facebook users' "

...So says a BBC online story. You have to give Steve Webb full marks for getting such a story up.


  1. Well of course, this is always my contention that of all the parties we are more in touch with young people. Having said that of course, despite my Yoof work credentials I have to say I still haven't figured Facebook out or what it offers that email and blogs don't.........must be me you think I should invite Ming to be my friend?! :-)

  2. Quite agree! I thought you were on leave! I have to say that I haven't got it either - I think you either live your whole life on it or you should just have a token set-up there. I have 30 friends but they never talk to me. And Ming is one of my friends - yes I think you should invite him to be a friend - of course! The main activity I have had was a spurt of answering question on the "Paul Walter Rocks my world" group (which had its origination in 43 photos of litter in Station road Newbury which I put on the internet) which I suspected was a little more "tongue in cheek" than your average group (they were mainly Tories driving the thing). Indeed, when I made it obvious that I could detect their little jokes and made ones back at them, the whole thing dried up.