Saturday, August 4, 2007

Government officials avoiding calls from 'hyperactive' Prime Minister

The Times confirms that the Prime Minister actually lives in Number 11 Downing Street. So all this stuff about him moving into Number 10 was rubbish really. He actually moved OUT of Number 10 into Number 11 when he became Prime Minister. Strange but true.

Any road up, The Times also reports the Paddy-like early morning activity of the PM, which is in sharp contrast to Blair, apparently:

His weapon of choice is the mobile phone, which will ring from 6.30am, with the bright-eyed, perky Prime Minister demanding papers, discussing strategy and even asking for feedback.

“You can literally hear the spoon going into the cornflakes as he’s talking,” one member of the Government who has received the early call said. “He is a very early riser and he goes to bed quite early, which is not good for the body politic, which mostly consists of people who go to bed late and are not early risers.”

...Another said: “We’ve got to the point where people deliberately avoid taking a call because he phones up so frequently. If you float an idea, he will ask you to write a policy paper on it and he’ll keep phoning you until you’ve written it. It’s absolutely nonstop.”

I see. So government officials are seeing "PM calling" on their mobile screen and rejecting the call or ignoring it. Crikey!


  1. He lived at Number 10 as Chancellor so he must have moved next door...

  2. Thank you Will - it was early - now corrected