Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Time to close down the Met's Territorial Support Groups?

Looking at the picture in the Guardian, it is quite noticeable that the officer involved (in the alleged fracas with the woman in the Bank of England protests about Ian Tomlinson) is not displaying his number while several of his colleagues are. It is quite frightening to see that the alleged officer looks about two feet taller that the lady concerned.

Apparently the alleged officer works in the Metropolitan Police's Territorial Support Group.


I remember footage of riot police from earlier times when the police just stood there and took any form of abuse from the protesters within batting an eyelid.

I do wonder whether it is time to rethink the Territorial Support groups completely. They have been implicated in a whole string of potential problematic incidents (to put it mildly) including the death of Ian Tomlinson.

In fact, one begins to wonder whether the groups should be closed down and have entirely new units formed in their place with a whole new set of training and guidelines.

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