Sunday, April 12, 2009

Oh dear. It's all kicking off in Palinworld

To go with the Easter chocolate I think we deserve a bit of nostalgia. Remember those halcyon days last August actually...when I could get thousands of hits just by mentioning the word "Palin"? Happy days....

Well come on, the lady hasn't gone into cold storage up there in Alaska. So why not indulge in a bit of nose-pokery into her world? Go on, you know you love it.

It's all been kicking off in Palinworld recently. Remember that she didn't/doesn't support explicit sex education programmes and backed "abstinence only" programmes?

And became known that her daughter - 17 years old and unmarried - was five months pregnant.

Could have happened to any family, eh? But perhaps of public interest given Palin's stand on sex education.

But never mind. The father (without a single shot gun in sight) was going to marry the lass. So everything would be okey dokey, hunky dorey. And there - look - didn't he look great (right,abovish) in a suit on the stage at the Republican Convention standing by his girl?

Only then there was a slight hiccough. Something of a fly in the ointment.

The boy and the girl had a bit of a barney. They then had a bit of a cooling off period away from each other.

But never mind - all would be well we were told. He'll come back into the fold.

Except he won't now because he's been on US national television dishing the dirt on Palin (twice, by my count) and an unholy public slanging match has broken out. See below.

It really is terrible. Most unedifying.

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