Wednesday, April 22, 2009

British Tamils - Respect!

Here below is my photo of British Srilankan Tamils protesting in Parliament Square on Monday afternoon:

I arrived at Westminster tube station on Monday afternoon and went to spend a penny (well, 50 of them actually). Then I noticed that the people in the subway etc seemed to contain an unusually high proportion of (what I later learned were) British Tamils. Emerging from the station, I realised why. Parliament Square was completely taken over by an almighty demonstration by British Tamils about the situation in Sri Lanka. It was an humongous demonstration containing families, including children. There must have been a high proportion of the British Tamil community there and it must have taken a huge amount of organisation and passion to put on. There was even a snack bar inside the demonstration and apparently it has been going on for over seven days!!

And I have to say it was a very peaceful demonstration including quite a lot of dancing and singing.

I have since read up on the Sri Lankan situation. I really take my hat off to those British Tamils. It is an awesome demonstration!

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