Monday, April 20, 2009

Pot-kettle turf war

Is it me or is Guido disappearing up his own proverbial? Calling this ongoing Smeargate episode "schoolboyish" is being extremely unfair to schoolboys.

It seems Guido's main gripe is that Draper/McBride etc weren't as good at doing what he (Guido) does very well. Sort of gossip under the radar type of thing. There is this classic from Guido yesterday:

Maguire was still peddling innuendo from them about “Cameron’s alleged embarrassing complaint of a highly personal nature”.

Peddling innuendo? Perish the thought. Guido would never do that, would he?

So its seems a journalist isn't allowed to peddle innuendo but a blogger like Guido is.


In essence, this seems to be a row over job descriptions. Guido can't get a job as a real journalist so he invents a job as a blogger, but he doesn't want journalists invading his turf.

It's a turf war, really, isn't it?

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