Saturday, April 25, 2009

As any fule kno...

In the Guardian centre spread today there's a photo of Alistair Darling having breakfast "in No 11 Downing Street". No sign of Gordon there in the kitchen. I thought Monsieur Brown and his family lived in the No. 11 flat...didn't Blair live in No 11 because of his family while Brown lived in No 10 because he didn't have a family when he was Chancellor? Then Brown became Prime Minister and moved out of Number ten (or at least the flat bit anyway) instead of into it, because he was then the one with the family, didn't he? Therefore, Alistair Darling was having breakfast in No. 10 Downing Street wasn't he?

Or have I not been keeping up?

Indeed, at the risk, or indeed the certainty, of being boring on this, the kitchen in the photograph of Darling is small - reminiscent of the photos of Thatcher in the Number 10 kitchen. But the kitchen in Number 11 is quite large - as we saw in that documentary featuring Cherie Blair getting orange juice out of the fridge. So my observation adds up logically.

I can feel a letter to the Guardian's Reader's Editor coming on.....

I have just found confirmation of all this from this news report from 18 July 2007 when Brown became Prime Minister:

Prime Minister Gordon Brown and his family have moved in to the flat above No 11 Downing Street, recently vacated by the Blairs, it was confirmed today.
Mr Brown and his wife Sarah, along with their young sons Fraser and John, have taken over the accommodation which was adapted for family life when the Blairs were in residence.
The sizeable flat also houses a nursery.
The "bachelor pad" flat above No 10 itself was considered too small for a young family.
Mr Brown's spokesman said: "I can confirm that he has now moved into the flat above No 11."
Asked if that was because it was better suited for families, the spokesman replied: "I think there are security considerations as well."

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