Friday, November 14, 2008

Treble baked Alaskas all round!

It turns out that Ted Stevens is probably not going to be re-elected to the US Senate.

He's a convicted felon, but Alaskans, such as they are, voted for him in sufficient numbers on November 4th to require careful counting of absentee ballots, questionable ballots etc.

However, the counting is looking good for his opponent, the Democrat, who is Mayor of Anchorage - Mark Begich.

Why is this piece of arcane Alaskanalia important?

Well, in the scheme of things it probably isn't, but it beats worrying about the UK recession or "GRIDLOCK!!!!" in Newbury.

But, there is a scintilla of importance to the Stevens news.

It means that the annoying person who is Sarah Palin won't be catapulted to the US national stage via the Senate (if Stevens were to be elected, the Senate would kick him out, there would be a special (by) election and Palin would win it.). As she is, as Governor of Alaska she is about eight hours behind the news cycle and doesn't get a look in.

Indeed, just to put the knife in further, Palin was on Larry King yesterday (below) and seemed to take a Stevens' victory as a fait accompli. More fool her. (Mind you, looking at her on LK, I did wonder whether perhaps my "no never" answer to the LibDem Voice election night question "Sarah Palin - would you?" was perhaps somewhat hasty. When I was fully in control of my loins..........)

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