Wednesday, November 19, 2008

BNP membership list

I have had a look at a few maps and so forth regarding the BNP membership list. Indeed the entire list is available and I've had a look at it. I don't think it is right that the list has already led to two people either losing their jobs (a deejay) or being brought into discipline (a policeman).

It's a legal political party. If members of it are in jobs like policing or teaching then they should have sufficiently thought their membership in the context of their job and not be ashamed of the fact of their membership becoming public.

Once again, this episode reveals the extremely unpleasant internal atmosphere in the BNP. The list was leaked by a former member and the leader, Nick "Red Nose" Griffin is accusing them of "treachery". That's the typical melodramatic language of the BNP.

The list even has phone numbers and email addresses on it. Someone must have really had it in for the BNP to release it. Yes, I've looked up people in my town.

You want the link? Well, I'm not going to give it to you. But you could try googling "BNPmemberslist" with no spaces.

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