Sunday, November 2, 2008

Melanie Phillips: An American view

There is probably no extravagant verbiage which hasn't been visited on Melanie Phillips by cumulative LibDem blogs over the last few years.

However, on today's Daily Kos pundit round-up there is a little American perspective on the great Mail columnist:

Melanie Phillips: The Brit wingnuts could teach our wingnuts a thing or two about wingnuttery. Example:

"Insofar as the American public has managed to obtain some of this suppressed information [about tightening polls], it has been delivered by the Western Resistance comprising internet journalists, Fox News and talk radio. The British press, however, have taken their cue entirely from the fifth-columnist liberal US media."

In the same round-up, I like this quote from veteran pollster Charlie Cook:

John McCain probably can't win without divine intervention.

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