Saturday, November 1, 2008

Surfing over the top of a major telecommunications link

Here's some photos I took last week in Widemouth Bay and Bude, Cornwall. This first one (below) shows a telecommunicatons cable inspection ship offshore at Widemouth Bay with surfers in the foreground. This was on last Sunday, 26th October. The ship just stayed offshore in the same place all afternoon, buffetted by the roughish sea. I pity the people who were inside it.

Here's a rather grainy zoomed shot of it showing more detail. Am I turning into an anorak? Of course not - I've been one for years.

Here's a short video showing the ship, the surfers and the choppy conditions.
Many people visit Widemouth Bay to surf, swim and sunbathe. Not many realise that, running under their feet, there is a major transatlantic cable. The only evidence normally is the sign below. I remember seeing the huge cable laying ship actually installing the cable back in the sixties.
While I am at it, here's a shot of Widemouth beach look down towards Crackington Haven and Trevose Head:

Here's one of a rainbow out at sea on Monday 27th October:

And, just for good measure, here's the Bude Light:

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