Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Song for Obama

This morning, I'd like to declare myself more chuffed than a really chuffed thing. More chuffed than a chough, in fact.

It's been a long road since I saw Obama on Panorama and instantly decided to throw my lot in with him and also place a bet for him to be the Democrat nominee. (That reminds me, Stan James owes me some dosh as of today!)

What I saw there on Panorama, in January 2007, in the space of a few minutes' interview, was a man, above all, of great nobility. I would compare it to the first time I saw Mandela speak when he emerged from jail. In Obama, I saw a natural leader, a man of calm, thoughtfulness and sincerity. I was bowled over by the man and have been ever since.

Through the campaign, I was impressed by Obama's ability to promptly fight back under attack, while having very high quality judgment. His grass roots campaign has been awesome.

But what has impressed me most about Obama, is his calm under fire. In that third debate, McCain threw everything at Obama. The kitchen sink was one of the first things to be thrown in Obama's direction. The rest of the bathroom furniture followed (to borrow a Biden phrase) - plus rawplugs and plaster board for good measure.

And what did Obama do? He just smiled and calmly dealt with the points without retaliating. His calm was utterly awesome.

Now that is what I call a man of style and depth. That is real quality. That is the sort of man you want on the phone to Putin in a crisis. Obama has put the cool in cool.

Even though the polls looked good, you never know whether there is going to be a last minute sweep the other way.

I take my hat off to the American people.

Ohio! God bless you!

Florida! God bless you!

Virginia! God bless you! Virginia! I can hardly believe they voted for Obama!

Indiana! Crikey! Obama even won Indiana and looks good in North Carolina! (And it was knife edge even in Missouri!)

God bless America!

My gob is well and truly smacked.

I would like to pay tribute to Barack Obama the only way I know how - By immodestly and unsubtly showing off my knowledge of music trivia and offering the song below for the great man who is to be the 44th President of the Great (once again) USA! "Indiana wants me". Fantastic record by R Dean Taylor. It was issued on the Tamla Motown label.

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