Sunday, November 16, 2008

The intriguing mystery of the precise colour description of the 3rd Liverpool shirt

Match of the Day this week had an ineffably rivetting 20 minute passage. West Bromich 0 Chelsea 3 followed by Stoke 0 Man U 5.

Real edge of the seat stuff.


Mind you, Alan Hansen is always good value. Here's what he said in connection with dear old West Brom: "Philosophy and principles are fine, but try another one: SURVIVAL"

Speaking of football, as I rarely do...I was watching Liverpool play some team recently in their third kit.

I think there must have been something wrong with the screen I was watching it on. The shirts looked blue. When I mentioned this to a Liverpool supporter I know, a passionate retort of "IT'S GREEN" followed (bearing in mind local sensitivities and Everton being blue and all). Anyway, isn't green reserved for the goalies?

However, I have now been able to find a photo of said shirt (below). Would you call it "green"?!

In fact, a quick comparison to the Wikipedia colour spectrum (see below), indicates that, while the shirt is definitely not "green" it is probably dark "teal" or a dark shade of "pine green". Any thoughts from anyone?

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