Thursday, March 20, 2008

Will his pastor's "God Damn America !" phrase be Obama's political epitaph ?

Since I last wrote about the US Presidential campaign, a lot has happened.

We found out that Obama won Texas on delegates - not Clinton.

The Florida primary re-run has been declared dead (although the "re-seating" idea is still being mooted) and the Michigan re-run is on its death bed.

So, Obama is ahead on delegates and it is going to be down to super-delegates. So, Clinton is emphasising the popular vote all of a sudden. However, she is behind in the popular vote against Obama - but she is closing in the polls.

It is an increasingly depressing picture for the Democrats.

I agree with Cicero's Songs that Obama's Philidelphia speech was remarkable (Click below to see and hear it). Obama showed himself as deft and strong. He doesn't take criticism by hiding. He puts his head above the parapet and gives positive, energetic responses. Of course, as a woolly old liberal, the speech pushed all my buttons and left me with the impression, yet again, of a towering statesman.

However, the impact of the publicised sermons of Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Obama's pastor, should not be under-estimated. Even if they don't become a successful campaign theme of the Republicans (how tedious would that be?), they have certainly helped to turn around McCain's campaign.

In a few weeks we have gone from having the Rush Limbaugh's of this world slating McCain, to them now unifying when they finding some red meat (Wright) to get their teeth into. That such things excite the Republicans is an appalling comment on the state of American politics. But when a close associate of a candidate has been doing sermons, for example, repeating the phrase "God damn America !" (click second down below), then the opposing party's supporters are hardly going to ignore it. It's a gift to them.

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