Monday, March 31, 2008

Cameron admits he's too posh to win votes in the North

The Mirror reports:

David Cameron has given up on voters in the North to focus his election battle on winnable seats in the South.

The Tory leader's posh background is a big turn-off in Labour's heartlands, private polls by his own party reveal.

His inner circle have now drawn up a secret "core seat" strategy to snub voters in the North of England where the party holds just 19 councils and has 17 MPs. In Scotland it holds no councils and has just one MP.

A senior Tory source said: "David's team has decided it's simply not worth fighting a losing battle to win lots of seats in the North in the general and local elections.

"There may be a couple of visits by David, but he will be focusing his energies on seats in the South and Midlands where he is more popular. He can't even command support from some of our own people in places like Yorkshire where he's seen as a 'soft Southerner'."

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