Thursday, March 27, 2008

Democrat senior statesman: Moves afoot to make Hillary bite the bullet

Stephen Tall writes a very interestingly article on LibDemVoice entitled: "What will convince Hillary to drop out?"

I wrote a comment there asking whether the US Democrats have a equivalent of the "men in grey suits" who might pay a late night visit to Hillary and, after plying her with a stiff Jack Daniels, persuade her to raise the pearl-handled revolver to her temple.

Imagine my surprise when, by coincidence, browsing Political Wire I cam across this:

The Las Vegas Review Journal runs a brief Q&A with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) about settling on a Democratic nominee for president.

Q: Do you still think the Democratic race can be resolved before the convention?

Reid: Easy.

Q: How is that?

Reid: It will be done.

Q: It just will?

Reid: Yep.

Q: Magically?

Reid: No, it will be done. I had a conversation with Governor Dean (Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean) today. Things are being done.

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