Thursday, March 27, 2008

Gordon turns into a sofa

2000th post

There is a determined and subtle sofa-isation of Gordon Brown going on. On GMTV this morning they were trailing: "We'll be talking about violent video games and how to better protect children from them. Psychologist Tanya Byron will be here....with the Prime Minister".

See what he did there ? ...Subtly smarms his way onto the sofa holding onto the skirt tails of our Tanya...

Never mind "This morning we'll be talking to the Prime Minister about global warming, the financial crisis, AIDS in Africa etc"... No, instead it's Gordie simpering on the sofa saying "Yes, Tanya....well done Tanya....very important....lots of hard work done by Tanya....vital to have a simplified classification for video games...well done Tanya".

....And not even a "while we've got you on the sofa, Prime Minister" question!

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