Friday, March 28, 2008

Terminal 5: At last an Irishman called Willie speaks !

All the media have searched in vain for a BAA or BA manager to explain the Terminal 5 cock-up. Willie Walsh of BA was all over the media, like a rash, when the Queen opened the place and admired the absence of queues.

But now: Not a manager to be found to talk to the waiting world.

GMTV have been hanging on the BA Helpline since midnight last night, listening to their hold music and recorded "we are sorry to keep you waiting" announcement.

But now, at last, an Irishman called Willie has been found to comment on the disaster. Here's what he told the Press Association:

Well it's not a very good situation at all. The going is rather unusual down there. I'd call the track surface 'shiny and smooth' - which is not a going term normally used. There are an awful lot of obstructions on the course and I'd say this is one for the Jockey Club to look at, if not a Steward's Enquiry, before they go under orders".

Thank you random Irishman called Willie.

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