Thursday, July 5, 2007

Ming to pay third visit to Ealing Southall tomorrow

A few minutes ago, I was delighted to receive a text message from Chris Rennard with the latest news from Ealing Southall. Ming will be paying his third visit there tomorrow. Chris asked me to go again to the constituency to help elect Nigel Bakhai. Fortunately, I had already firmed up plans to spend the whole of Sunday there with at least two colleagues from Newbury.

PS. Yes, I know lots of people got the same message!


  1. Chris rennard sends you a text message and you are delighted.

    What a sad F***

    Get a life.

  2. Thank you darling! I was delighted to receive your comment!

  3. PS. Is there a BNP canditate standing out of interest?

    Newbury Blogwatcher

  4. No, NBW. Nominations have now closed and the nominations list is:

    Virendra Sharma (Labour)
    Tony Lit (Conservative - who interestingly will appear on the ballot paper as "David Cameron's Conservatives" )
    Nigel Bakhai (Liberal Democrat)
    Sarah Edwards (Green)
    Salvinder Dhillon (Respect)
    K.T. Rajan (UKIP)
    Sati Chaggar (English Democrats)
    Yaqub Masih (Christian Party - Proclaiming Christ's Lordship)
    John Cartwright (Loony)
    Jasdev Rai (Independent)
    Gulbash Singh (Independent)
    Kuldeep Grewal (Independent)