Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Cameron puts Graham Brady in the 'rebel' category

David Cameron is building up a formidable band of enemies in the Conservative party. When Sarah Montague on Today put to him his list of recent critics, Cameron gave the old "ad homines" response.

He discounted Lord Kalms because he said Kalms had not given money to the Conservatives during Cameron's leadership. (That seems a strange argument - sort of chicken and egg, I would have thought). He discounted Ali Miraj's criticism because he said the man had asked him for a peerage yesterday. And he discounted Graham Brady's criticism because he said that Brady "had to resign" from the shadow cabinet over Grammar Schools.

This seems a rather unwise strategy. By dismissing Brady in such a way it seems Cameron will fan the flames of rebellion in his party, while also creating a standard bearer for dissent in the shape of Mr Brady.

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