Thursday, July 26, 2007

"Outright derision" at Conservative HQ for Cameron's Rwandan trip timing

Rather like the shoe chauffeur, David Cameron now has another millstone around his neck: His trip to Rwanda while Britain was flooded.

Of course, it is right that politicians visit Africa. But the timing of his trip was bizarrely misjudged. Philip Webster in the The Times summarises the situation thus:

Why he had chosen to go there when the Commons was in its last week, and not during the summer when he could have grabbed the headlines for the right reasons, remains a mystery. At Conservative headquarters there was outright derision that the trip had been planned when the Rwandan parliament, which Mr Cameron addressed, was not officially sitting.


  1. Cameron does seem to be holed below the water line. Surely it can only be a matter of time before the right wingers who've been lurking quietly beneath the waves while the lad has been strutting his stuff in the Arctic, making an idiot of himself on his bike and - worst of all - prematurely revealing policies - decide to move in and finish him off.

    I'm getting a bit carried away with this metaphor, but it's easy to imagine Cameron standing at the salute as he sinks below the waves, hopefully surrounded by the rest of the Notting Hill set.

    Also a bit sad, really. I don't want another Thatcherite Tory government, which is probably what we'll get if a. Brown screws up and b. the U Boat commanders have their way. Cameron's was an honest effort to reclaim the centre ground. On the other hand, the timing of the Rwandan trip does smell of incompetence and we can't be doing with incompetent Prime Ministers, can we?

  2. PS - re. the 'prematurely revealing policies' point, I remember Heseltine saying months ago - when Cameron's policy reviews started - that it was a big mistake to reveal policies prematurely as the government will just adopt them.

    The wise old bird was right - labour have done exactly that, most recently with the single border force thing.

  3. Good points Jerry - thank you