Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Cameron: It's social breakdown, stupid

Former Tory party chairman Lord Saatchi yesterday attacked David Cameron's leadership and 'warned that the party's fortunes were unlikely to improve "until the Conservative party has something compelling to say about the subject that matters - economics" '.

This point was put to David Cameron this morning on Today. It was a God-given opportunity for Cameron to set out his economic policy stall. But what did he do instead? Incredibly, he talked exclusively about social breakdown, without mentioning the economy at all!


Bill Clinton famously had the sign "It's the economy, stupid" displayed in his campaign HQ. It seems that David Cameron has a sign saying "It's social breakdown, stupid". Except in Cameron's case he really is stupid, it seems.

I find this utterly baffling. What has told David Cameron that people are more concerned about social breakdown than money in their pocket? Fighting social breakdown is a laudable endeavour, but giving it prominence above the economy seems to be political suicide.

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