Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Cameron's flood-hit constituents criticise his trip to Africa

David Cameron's flood-stricken constituents criticise his trip to Africa in the Daily Mail today:

Mr Cameron visited some inundated areas of his constituency on Sunday and urged the Government to take flood prevention more seriously.

But Stephen Gosling, 37, whose house was under 2ft of water at the weekend, said: "He came to visit but he just walked past me. He was just walking showing his face and that was it. Now he's off in Africa."

Shop manager Gary Kirk, 46, warned of a potential major problem over debris from the flooding. He said: "If there are no bin collections what are we supposed to do with all the rubbish.

"It's all right for David Cameron - he goes off on a jolly to Rwanda - but we are suffering.
"When he came here he just walked up and down the street talking to people outside. But they weren't the ones affected by the floods, they were here to look at the suffering.

"The people who are really hit were inside. We are the people who vote for him and he is patronising us. He is more concerned about how he looks and the publicity than our suffering."

Just for good measure, Cameron also gets fired at with both barrels by the paper's Richard Littlejohn:

...where the hell is the leader of Her Majesty's Official Opposition? His constituents may be up to their knees in mud, but CMD is sitting in a mud hut in Rwanda.

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