Saturday, July 28, 2007

£1389 million later the 'Millennium Dome' is a great venue

Yesterday we went to see the Andrews Sisters at O2, the venue formerly known as the Millennium Dome.

Well, that's what I mischievously wished my wife had told her 83 year-old father. Sadly, she truthfully told him that we were going to the see the Scissor Sisters. They were mind-blowingly stunning.

The O2, as I think we now have to call it, has been turned into a superb venue. There are masses of bars, restaurants, things to do, in a wonderful setting. The arena is huge and then there are a few other venues and a cinema.

We arrived at the location via the "clipper" from the London Eye, which meant we had a couple of glorious trips up and down the Thames.

By the way, it has cost £600 million to create the O2 venue (money belonging to Anschutz Entertainment Group). That's after £603 million of public money (plus £186 million funded by ticket sales) was spent on the Millennium Dome in the first place.


  1. Ah, the Andrews Sisters....... Where are they appearing next?