Friday, July 20, 2007

Cash for honours - Is Inspector Knacker up to politics?

With all the drooling over the by-election results (in which I have indulged liberally) it is easy to overlook the extraordinary "end" to the cash for honours inquiry.

"A disaster for the police" is how the Guardian reports a senior Labour MP describing it. Lord Levy is beaming from ear to ear.

Without knowing some of the evidence unearthed, it is difficult to take a view. However, it is the Crown Prosecution Service who have taken the "no charges" decision, rather than the more politically controlled DPP/Attorney General's Office. So I think we have to respect that decision.

So, Inspector Knacker of the yard has a lot to answer for:

Cost: £800,000
Time: 16 months
People interviewed:136
People arrested: Four
Speculative Iain Dale posts on the subject: 1,450,237

The comments of Tony Wright on this have been interesting. On Radio Four's Today he said that those in politics could see the investigation would not come up with anything chargeable, but the police lacked sufficient political knowledge to realise this at the outset.

In summary, it appears that Inspector Knacker is not up to politics. Perhaps there ought to be more counsel sought before proceeding with this sort of charade in future?


  1. Contrary to what was being said on Today however the police were right to investigate.

    Just because politicians claim that nothing would come of it (not because there was no case to answer but because it would be difficult to prove I note) the police still had to investigate a serious crime.

    I bet Brown is relieved though...

  2. Spare a thought for Guido......
    Dale and Ealing Southall and Fawkes with Cash for Honours....LOL - You gotta laugh :D