Thursday, July 19, 2007

4.02am today at the Ealing Southall LibDem HQ

Here's a suitably bleary-eyed photo of the Ealing Southall LibDem HQ front desk team at 04:02 hrs this morning. If I had been sharper at that early hour, I would have used the flash. But, the photo sort of makes up in atmosphere what it lacks in clarity. Incidentally, it was taken just after Mark Pack and team had departed with the first bundles of Good Mornings. I was the third person to sign in, and departed with my three large bundles shortly afterwards.

The Good Morning I delivered in Ealing Common is below. It is certainly the most glamorous Good Morning I have ever seen. A full colour tabloid!

It was a beautiful morning, when it arrived. I had an interesting time nature-wise. Between 4am and 5am near Ealing Common I saw:
  • A rat (running across the road)
  • Two squirrels
  • Two foxes (one fat escaping with a full plastic bin bag, one very thin)
  • One Jay
I was particularly taken by the Jay (example drawing below) as I don't think I have seen one before. They are quite exotic-looking. I see that their habitat includes large parks in urban areas. As I saw the bird near Ealing Common, this tends to confirm my identification.

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