Sunday, July 1, 2007

Lauren Laverne is no Fern Cotton - thank goodness

I couldn't summon up enough enthusiasm to watch Fern Cotton interviewing the Princes, but I could empathise with the Norfolk Blogger's pain on witnessing the spectacle.

I woke up last night in my armchair and was drowsily conscious of the last few minutes of Lou Reed being interviewed on the BBC's Culture Show. I thought: "It's Fern Cotton again doing the interview - haven't the BBC got anyone else?"

When I became fully conscious I found out that the interviewer was, in fact, Lauren Laverne. Looking at their photos, my confusion is understandable.

I think I traduced Laverne by comparing her to Cotton. Watching the interview through, she actually did a very good job. Reed is a notoriously difficult interviewee, but on this occasion the output wasn't bad, as you can see below.


  1. My blog has a La La tag
    The two of them don't compare. Lauren has a face for the TV and a brain for the radio - which is why it is sad she has given her xfm show up.
    The other one is an air head..

  2. Lauren Laverne should take a leaf out of Fern Cottons Book.

    Its great she has given up her XFM show. She should give it all up. EVERYTHING!!!!

    Any one who actively PROMOTES ANTI ENVIRONMENTAL issues should never be allowed to present main stream TV. The BBC should know better

    Her reference to the people saving planet Earth as losers has made it quite apparent that she is un suitable in being an active spokes person for anything.

  3. Lauren Laverne should quitJuly 8, 2007 at 11:34 AM

    I agree anon, I heard her refer to the people staging the Save Plant Earth Concert as a "bunch of loser" this is terrible and she should be made to resign publicly as soon as possible.