Monday, July 2, 2007

Great Zane Lowe show tonight

Zane Lowe's Radio One show this evening was a corker. It was great to hear the new single from Dans Le Sac V Scroobius Pip, which is called 'The Beat That My Heart Skipped'. It is brilliant. I sincerely hope it is an extraordinary hit. I had very mixed feelings about 'Thou shalt always kill'. It was great at the start of the track. The backing was great. But it went a bit funny at the end...well in the middle actually....well after about ten seconds actually. This latest one is excellent all the way through.

It was also brilliant to hear a live session from Arcade Fire from the "Bing Crosby Memorial Studio" in Maida Vale. Their version of "No Cars Go" was awesome.


  1. I must admit I missed Dan le Sac, but don't you think that Zane's single of the week, Axwell's 'I found you (remode)', is an absolute killer track?

  2. Great to hear from you Rod! I listened to a sample of this version and it sounded great. Zane played a brilliant track last night but I still haven't worked out what it was - will consult his track listing!