Sunday, July 1, 2007

The beauty of hot and cold running water

Walking along Weymouth seafront last Sunday we noticed vast numbers of Bed and Breakfast establishments. I was comparing Bed and Breakfast signs through the ages.

Nowadays they mention "car parking" or "en suite bathrooms".

In the old days they used to say "Hot and Cold running water" or "Colour TV". Often each letter of "Colour" was printed in different colours.

None of the Weymouth B&Bs mentioned "Hot and Cold running water" so I assumed that it was now out of date as an advertised item.

How wrong I was. I quick google revealed "Bayswater Bed and Breakfast" which still proudly advertises that is has "86 rooms...all with a lavatory with hot and cold running water".

In this day and age, isn't it rather superfluous to mention "hot and cold running water". I mean, is any establishment likely to have static water...a sort of pond complete with lily-pads in each room?

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