Thursday, May 3, 2007

Well done Portsmouth LibDems!

It is marvellous to see that Portsmouth LibDems have held their own in the election and remain the largest party on the council, despite a ferocious Tory campaign onslaught.

It is particularly cheering to see Gerald Vernon-Jackson being returned as councillor for Milton ward. The Tories put up their golden girl, Sarah Dineage, against him, complete with heavy campaign artillery. Gerald is a fantastically hard worker for his local community and an electoral genius to boot.

Sky seem to have given different change figures here to the ones shown half an hour ago on BBC1.

The BBC web site is showing:

Party Seats/change

LibDem 19 0
Con 17 +1
Lab 5 0
Others 1 -1

Sky (if you don't die of boredom scrolling down) is showing:

LibDem 19 -2
Con 17 +1
Lab 5 0
Others 1 1

Portsmouth City Council site, who I presume know what they are talking about (joke!) confirm the BBC result. Well done BBC.

Sky's confusion seems to be based on them thinking that there were no others/independents on the council before May 3rd. But the Portsmouth CC site confirms that there were two independents on the council before yesterday.

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