Sunday, May 20, 2007

Survey on climate change by the University of East Anglia

I have been invading "Norfolk Blogger" country. We enjoyed a day exploring Norwich yesterday. Again, we visited the Forum, which is one of my favourite public spaces in the country.

While in there, we were gently persuaded by students from the University of East Anglia to complete a survey on climate change. It was fascinating. We were given information on polar bears, ice shelves, ocean acidification and the Norfolk Broads. We had to comment on how we felt about each of these "icons".

After reading the bumpf I chose ocean acidification as the item which scares me and motivates me the most. That was interesting in itself, as a picture of sea is not as "sexy" as one of a polar bear or the Broads.

The idea that acidification could mean creatures not forming shells properly is deeply worrying in its implications for the food chain.

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