Thursday, May 31, 2007

Rowntree report says social cohesion is "not just or even primarily about ethnic tensions"

The Joseph Rowntree Foundation have issued three reports on the subject of "Migration, integration and local neighbourhoods". These have been interpreted in a variety of ways by the media. The BBC summarises the reports here:

The survey also found evidence of tension between different ethnic groups - "Strong expressions of prejudice against other migrants and against some British ethnic minorities."

...Despite such tensions, this report finds that most migrants end up staying longer than they'd planned and almost all of those who leave say they plan to return.

One of the reports partly focuses on housing, which has been the subject of recent controversy. It talks about "the importance of the allocation of housing as a factor underpinning 'racialised resentment' "

However, the report notes that often resentments over housing are also expressed in terms of other factors, notably age and generation. The report notes: "This suggests that social and community cohesion is not just or even primarily about ethnic tensions".

The report interestingly explores these areas through quotations from residents interviewed in Tottenham and Moss Side.

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