Thursday, May 31, 2007

Tories further disunited by "heirs to Blair" speech

The George Osbourne "heirs to Blair" speech is further dividing the Tory party.

Peter Riddell in the Times writes:

Mr Osborne’s raid is an attempt to divide Labour, but it also risks dividing the Conservative Party

The Mail says:

David Cameron was accused of picking a "needless fight" last night as battle lines were drawn between Tory high command and the Right wing of the party. Senior MPs already angered by Mr Cameron's stance on grammar schools were provoked further by Shadow Chancellor George Osborne's claim that the Tories are now the "heirs to Tony Blair" on public service reform.

George Osbourne has created a hostage to fortune. The word "heirs" infers some familial relationship. There are plenty of undesirable things (e.g. Iraq, spin) in Blair's 'bequest'. So being heirs to it, is a bit of a poisoned chalice. I think the "heirs to Blair" phrase will come back to haunt Cameron and the Tories on a regular basis.

Hat-tip: Conservative Home

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