Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Tory frontbencher resigns over Grammar schools row

Tory Frontbencher Graham Brady has resigned over the Grammar schools row.

In his statement, Graham Brady said:

"Faced with a choice between a front bench position that I have loved and doing what I believe to be right for my constituents and for the many hundreds of thousands of families who are ill-served by state education in this country, there is in conscience only one option open to me."

Based on this morning's news, it seems he jumped before he was pushed. This is now Day 14 of "Grammarsgate". It just won't go away will it?

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  1. Not sacking someone, who then resigns, isn't exactly the way for Cameron to impose leadership on his party.

    I think it's typical of the communications mess which the Conservative leasership's in on this issue. Just blogged on it myself!