Wednesday, May 30, 2007

David Cameron - "Botox Boy"

The Telegraph diaryish page today includes a piece entitled something like: 'Cameron makes enquiries about Botox'. In fact, from the story it seems he bumped into a Botox expert at a "do" and 'expressed surprise that treatments were so cheap'. A bit tenuous, I thought.

Sorry to be vague but I read the story at the dentists and can't find it on the Telegraph site. I did find a reference to David Cameron as "Botox Boy" in the Mirror from May 23rd.

Is there a theme developing here? Close study of photographs will now be the order of the day to spot "before" and "after" clues. Apparently, Celebs and newsreaders often have "work" done on their faces shortly before, during or after they are on holiday so that any changes are covered up by a deep tan. Also people don't quite remember what they looked exactly like before the holiday...and they put any change down to effect of a relaxing holiday.

David Cameron is currently on holiday in Crete.

Botox? Really statesmanlike eh?

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