Thursday, May 17, 2007

Darling is Humphried and Blears is all too much at 8.35am

It was interesting seeing the massed ranks of the Labour payroll defending Coronation Chicken (as Brown's ascent has been wittily called elsewhere).

First we had Alistair Darling on Today. It was very amusing to hear him completely Humphried on the point that Blair promised to "serve a full term" as Prime Minister. Most entertaining, but I thought the badger (Darling) stood up pretty well after that initial frazzling.

Then I got to work and quietly went to the galley for my first tea of the morning. It was 8.35am. I then turned round and saw the wall which has BBC News 24 projected onto it. Oh no! Saints alive! It is too early in the morning at 8.35am to be presented with a six foot high picture of Hazel Blears' beaming face. There should be some sort of law against her being on television before 10am. Or there should be a special "Blears filter" applied which reduces the megawattage of her smile on the transmission. I just can't cope with it. Sorry.

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