Wednesday, May 30, 2007

George Osbourne throws fat on the Grammar school fire

Just when you thought the Grammarsgate fire had died down, dear old Gerogie Osbourne pops up with another gallon of petrol to lob on the smouldering embers. Iain Dale quotes a Press Association report saying:

Shadow Chancellor George Osborne risked stoking the bitter education row further
today by indicating that a Tory government would actively prevent new grammar
schools being opened.

This has caused further consternation in the Tory ranks. Dale himself writes:

What on earth was George Osborne thinking of by giving this answer?

There are copious comments on his piece:

Does the Conservative front bench have a collective death wish(?) - Jean Shaw

All George Osbourne was doing was reiterating the policy that has already been outlined.
This party is going insane over this issue. I'm having visions of Labour circa 1984.-Anonymous

This is looking very much like a stupidity #101 "how to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory" to me. - Flavious

This is Day 15 of Grammarsgate.

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