Thursday, May 31, 2007

That James May "pain in arse" Autocar yearbook in full

Earlier this week we (my colleagues and I) treated a friend of mine who has cancer to his first trip in a small plane. Fortunately. he really enjoyed it and it was a wonderful occasion.

The flight took place at White Waltham airfield. We based ourselves in the bar looking out onto the planes and runway. It was a gorgeous day and such a vantage point must be about as near to heaven as you can get on earth.

My said friend is a fan of "Top Gear", so his pleasure was enhanced be being able to watch James May (who owns a plane at the airfield) eat his breakfast, then ready his aircraft and take off.

This led me to look up James May on Wikipedia. Imagine my delight to see actual photographs of the issue of the Autocar yearbook which led to May's sacking as Autocar's production manager after he arranged the bolded, outsize letters of each car in the yearbook so that it spelt (with appropriate punctuation):

So you think it's really good, yeah? You should try making the bloody thing up. It's a real pain in the arse.

You can see the photograph of the Autocar yearbook here on Wikipedia. It was mentioned in last week's "Have I got news for you".

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