Monday, May 7, 2007

Victoria Wood does guilt very well

Recently, Guardian Weekend did a big piece on Victoria Wood's new TV series, Victoria's Empire. It was very absorbing.

She is basically going round the world to all things named "Victoria", like her, after Queen Victoria.

This evening I watched her visit Ghana, Jamaica and Newfoundland.

It is marvellous to see someone like Victoria Wood touring our ex-Empire, showing the appropriate amount of guilt and humour.

When she visited Newfoundland she mentioned that Queen Victoria sent a message to US President Buchanan via cable for the first time via Newfoundland. She mentioned that, at the time, that was very modern. I paraphrase her: "It would be like these days, the Queen taking a picture of her bottom on her mobile and texting it to the White House".

She also mentioned that British people quite often visited Newfoundland to "bagsy it for Britain".

What an irreplaceable national treasure is our Victoria Wood!

I bet Asda had to pay a fortune to get her fannying about with bread in their adverts! It serves them right for thinking Sharon Osbourne was any good.


  1. I cannot disagree with you more. It's boring predictable stuff from Ms Wood. She fails to educate with her obsession being constantly about how guilty we should all be feeling if we are white. forget the fact that some of us had nthing to do with the slave trade, to hell with that as Far as Victoria Wood is concerned, we should all hang our heads in shame.

    Its all just so very very boring and predictable. I wasn't going to watch it, I found it on TV and I genuinely fell asleep. I've never done that watching Michael Palin !

    Her comments about how we just left Ghana "just like that and left them to get on with it" had to be corrected by the Ghanan she was speaking too. I knew from University that Ghana/Gold Coast is the template for how to decolonise properly, via staged withdrawal, setting up elements of civic society, institutions and training a civil service, but again, to hell with that as Victoria Wood had another go at bashing Britain.

  2. Very good points Nich. I am afraid I am guilty of having been seduced Ms Wood on account her creating "Let's do it" and Mrs "Two soups" Overall that if she said that Britain was responsible for all the evil in the world I would believe her. Sorry.