Monday, May 7, 2007

US Presidential candidate: It's OK to fire gays

I always have a good laugh when I see the first US presidential contenders' debate. It is a case of "spot the difference" or "work out which one is which".

The first Republican contenders' has just taken place at the Reagan library. There were ten of them lined up. The Guardian put it very well in its headline: "You sir - the white gentleman in the suit and tie".

It was described as less a debate and more "a sound-bite circus".

Newt Gingrich commented:

If anything would convince me to lean away from running, it was watching all of those guys with too little time, with too many Mickey Mouse questions from the reporters. It's exactly the wrong way to pick a president, and I think it doesn't help the country much.

I was struck by one comment though, reported by the Guardian:

Did Tommy Thompson (former Governor of Wisconsin) think employers should be allowed to fire gay employees? TT looked around nervously to make sure no one was listening, before answering yes, that would be fine.

Hello? What planet is Tommy Thompson on? It's like going back to the Middle Ages. He later said that he misinterpreted the question. Yeh, yeh.

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