Thursday, July 9, 2009

The of the insurance advertising industry

I've often wondered about the faces of reaction that met ideas for insurance (it particularly seems to be insurance, for some reason) adverts when first broached at meetings.

Just think...

"Let's have one of those old fashioned phones - not a new one - an old fashioned one, coloured red, with wheels on it, jumping up over a hill towards the camera playing the tune 'Dum de dum, de dum, de dum, de dah' "


"Let's have a Meerkat in a red silk dressing gown pretending to be a web site owner for '' complaining that people keep on coming to his site instead of ''. We could even set up a real website called '' "


"Everyone is confused about insurance so let's have a website called '' "


"I know - let's get one of the most passe´and ugly-as-sin popstars in the history of mankind, who has made a name for himself by being one of the most likely people never to even dream about insurance (let alone take it out), and get him to rant on about insurance while vomit-inducingly stripped to the waist"

Imagine the faces which greeted these ideas at first! Imagine the substances!

Simples. Eeek.

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