Saturday, July 18, 2009

Placky bag use cut - was it the Mail wot did it?

The Mail front page photo of turtle ensnared in a plastic bag, which launched its 'Banish the bags' campaign
It is very heartening to note that plastic bag use at seven leading supermarkets has reduced by an amazing 48% comparing this May with May 2006.

Great. I remember when our groceries were delivered by a chap on a bicycle in a cardboard box and most the stuff was wrapped only in grease-proof paper or in paper bags. That was about forty years ago.

So, we've had this sort of madness over the last few years where packaging went crazy. Now, we can have a bit of optimism. The tide can be turned. It is particularly heart warming that it has all been done with quite a lot of carrots and not many sticks.

Stephen Robertson observes on Comment is Free:

This has been achieved by individual retailers using a range of schemes that they judge work best for their customers. They include loyalty points, free re-usable bags and simply taking bags out of display. Yes, some have introduced charging, and that's fine, but retailers must be left free to decide for themselves when that's appropriate.
Changing habits on this scale, this quickly, is a huge testament to customers, who've taken reducing and re-using on board in a big way. Hard-working retail staff also deserve a lot of credit – for helping and encouraging customers.

There is, however, one potential fly in this joyous ointment. It is possible for Associuated Newspapers to claim:

It's the Mail wot did it.
Oh well, ho hum. They did some good for a change. Well done Daily Mail. No - I can't bring myself to go that far. Sorry.

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