Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Don't vote for me

For the second year running I'm asking Iain Dale of the Total Politics Blog awards and the organisers of the LibDem Blog awards to exclude this blog from consideration. I am delighted for people who find these awards fun. I don't. I blog for fun, I don't blog to not win awards. I find the whole apparatus of Blog awards completely odious. Blogging, for some reason, is the most overly awarded endeavour in the entire field of human activity. There's a whole tedious awards season which seems to last six months of the year. It's quite pathetic given the titchy readership of even the most overblown blogs. And the awards encourage the most silly preening and stupid egotism. They also leave many people feeling very disappointed.

So "round spherical objects" to blog awards, say I.

(And yes, before someone says so, I did organise a little exercise called the "Good Egg Awards" last year (sorry I didn't realise it was a racist phrase until this year) but the astute amongst you may have realised that these were "anti-awards" designed to reward people who flog away day and night at blogging but never get recognised.)

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