Friday, July 3, 2009

Do strangers help others in difficulty?

It's often said that these days that people don't stop to help strangers in difficulty. I am not sure that is universally true and we had a heartening example this week. My nearest and dearest, bless her, got herself into a bit of pickle with her bicycle, our dog Charlie, his lead, a two posted sign and the dog going one way and her going the other (she never does anything hum-drum). Suffice it to say, the episode ended with her nibs lying prostrate on the A339 and at the mercy of, thankfully benign, oncoming traffic. Anyway, two motorists stopped to help, and a local fellow in a mobility scooter was extremely helpful. Her nibs is now nursing bruises and something called an "avulsion". But, many thanks to those three people who helped.

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