Saturday, July 11, 2009

Oh dear, Irfan

Bless him:

Many women don’t have a clue about politics so they need someone to make their decisions for them and for that reason its OK for the man to decide who the women votes or is it? I don’t see anything wrong with a man making the decision in the household to who everyone votes but then that is just me.

In fairness, he goes on to say that such an 'edict' may be defied.

But this is just patronising nonsense. OK, if someone says that they will take their lead from someone else, then that is their right. But let's not generalise. We should value everyone's free decision on how to vote and not second guess their credentials or knowledge. For goodness sake, many men don't have a clue about politics. The problem is that they often think they do have a clue.

A few weeks ago, Irfan democratically allowed his readers to decide not to rename his blog "Scrapbook". I would propose that an excellent new name or, at least, strapline for Irfan's blog would be "The grit in the LibDem oyster".

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