Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Do people actually visit Presidential libraries?

George Bush is spending his time raising millions for his Presidential Library.

It made me wonder. Who would want to take a day out of their life to visit the George Bush Presidential Library? OK, so quite a few people will do it out of grim fascination, for the next few years. But in forty years time?

And how many relatively useless Presidential Libraries are strewn over the USA?

Well, let's just take the Herbert Hoover Presidential Library. Hoover was one of the most unpopular US Presidents, blamed for the Great Depression. In 2004, only 66,000 visited his library. That's just under Manchester United's average gate per match.

And the most popular US Presidential Library? As of 2005, strangely enough, it was that of Lyndon Johnson. Obviously, it was attended by many people anxious to be inside the tent.....

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