Sunday, July 19, 2009

Mystery picture: Do you know where this is?

Some relatives were given this print of a painting by T.Waugh for Christmas. It's absorbed many hours of head-scratching because we can't decide the location of the place depicted. We've done lots of Googling to no avail.

My bet is Weymouth (I vaguely remember a multi-storey building near the dockside at Weymouth). Another hot bet is Dover (because of something which vaguely looks like a castle - but Dover castle is much higher up, so I don't think so). At one point I thought it was Falmouth but there isn't a multi-storey building in Falmouth that I can remember.

Or could it be Brixham? Torquay? Plymouth? Portsmouth?

Can anyone authoritatively put us out of our misery?
UPDATE: Many thanks to Bernard and El - it's Plymouth. I am deeply ashamed that my Google skills did not discover this.

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