Thursday, July 16, 2009

Isn't know.....thingey.....?

I had a funny moment today. I've just had a busy week. On Tuesday I was all over London watching the exciting de-installation and re-installation of a tape library (oh - the stories I could tell!) and for the last two days I've been in Manchester. It sounds a bit cliched but Manchester really is an exceptionally exciting city. Walking through the streets at 1am was quite exhilarating. The architecture is a bit of a muddle but, somehow, it works. There are some wonderfully odd-ball buildings. One looks like a coat hanger.

Anyway - my funny moment. At Knutsford services I was just walking out after a cup of tea and stood in front of me (about four feet away) was a very trendy looking young man with a girl and another young man. They were looking for the toilets. I thought - "blimey, it's Lewis Hamilton". Then I thought "no it isn't. It's Theo Walcott" - then he was gone. (Well, you don't really expect to see a multi-million pound striker on his way to the toilets at Knutsford Services, do you?).

Or maybe it wasn't him? Oh, I am sure it was. Possibly. He has a flat screen TV in every room of his house, you know.

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