Saturday, April 26, 2008

When those "voices" are Richard Littlejohn...

Russell Brand was entertaining as usual on Friday night with Jonathan Ross (it only seems a few weeks since he was on it last time). Brand also writes an entertaining sports column in the Guardian. It tends to be a "stream of consciousness" affair, as you would imagine from Mr Brand. Indeed, I sometimes suspect that he dictates the column while on some sort of job.

This morning's offering is no exception as Brand explains how he will see both Chelsea and West Ham play this afternoon, hopping between the two on a "limo-bike". This brings forth this priceless paragraph from the Brandster:

...a "limo-bike" is a misleading piece of marketing language to inaccurately describe a motorcycle taxi service. A less disingenuous name would be a "motorbike" because that's what it is. There is no decanter of sherry, no boomerang-shaped television aerial or dividing screen between you and the driver, in fact you are forced to cling to his waist like one of Fonzie's girlfriends. Also his helmet is wired to your own allowing him to make a one-man radio show broadcast directly into your head, usually covering hot topics like immigration and gays. It's like developing schizophrenia and discovering your louder persona is actually Richard Littlejohn.

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